The final book in the Lion Trilogy is the perfect culmination to the series, bringing the Sutherland family saga to a fitting and highly satisfying conclusion.

With English reivers pillaging their land, Laurel MacClellan's grandfather, who is too ill to fight, hires mercenary Kieren Sutherland to rout the invaders.

Determined to gain enough funds and men to reclaim his birthright, Carmichael Castle, Kieren accepts the job, planning to use MacClellan men to exact his revenge against the man who killed his father.

From the instant they meet Laurel knows that Kieren is the man in her visions. They are instantly at odds, yet attracted to one another, which only makes it more difficult when Laurel's grandfather decides to "pay" Kieren by offering him Laurel in marriage.

Though he has vowed to remain celibate until his vengeance is complete, Kieren cannot resist Laurel, nor can she deny the passion he arouses within her. Though at first their love seems secure, past betrayals, a former foe and his vows plunge the newlyweds into danger.

With lightning speed and enough romance, adventure and excitement to please any reader, LION'S LEGACY races from first page to last breathlessly. Suzanne Barclay certainly takes her place amongst the finest of medieval writers with LION'S LEGACY and the entire Lion Trilogy. SENSUAL (Feb., 400 pp., $4.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin