Image of Lip Reading: A Novel


Image of Lip Reading: A Novel

Kraus has created a multifaceted story that explores the selfishness and selflessness of human nature. The varying directions that the story takes and the repetitive, circular feel of the plot somewhat muddle the main storyline, but the end wraps up satisfactorily. Rebecca shows true nobility, which is refreshing for readers; however, the actions of her parents and friends are frustrating. Despite this, readers will likely take an interest in Lip Reading and follow the story to the end.

Rebecca Jackson is close to a major breakthrough that will lead to the manufacturing of synthetic human blood. She has been working on this project her entire adult life, and it is crucial that she completes it. However, her failing health might put a stop to her research. As threats are made to her and those she cares about, her secret past comes back to haunt her. With the help of her former boyfriend and pharmaceutical competitor Noah Linebrink, Rebecca evades both her family and the police in hopes that she will find the answer she is looking for before time runs out. (DAVID C. COOK, Mar., 432 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sarah Frobisher