When the last of Claire Ashier's boarders leaves because of the ruckus from Boyd Grayson's saloon, she barges into the bar, gun in hand, to demand he close down. But no matter how lovely the widow is, there is no way Boyd will stop selling liquor. So Claire rallies the women in her temperance fight. She knows firsthand what alcohol can do to a man. She's pledged that "lips that touch mine will never have touched liquor."

But why is she strongly attracted to Boyd? Can she see his anguish and deep longing, like her own, for love and redemption? Boyd is intrigued by Claire, and when his traitorous dog starts begging for her attention, he sets out to learn about his foe.

Americana romance is alive and well in Lindstrom's capable hands. Filled with a marvelous cast of characters, a small-town atmosphere, a few dark secrets and plenty of tenderness and emotion, this third novel about the Grayson brothers is sheer pleasure to read, not just for the beautiful love story but for the message about spousal abuse and forgiveness. SENSUAL (Apr., 368 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin