Image of Lipstick Jungle


Image of Lipstick Jungle
Sex and the City author Bushnell delivers another glamorous tale of young Manhattan women enjoying life and love. This time her protagonists are Victory Ford, a rising fashion designer; Wendy Healy, the head of the studio Parador Pictures; and Nico O'Neilly, the editor in chief of one of the country's hottest magazines.

All three struggle with being strong, confident career women in the male-dominated business world. Single gal Victory's love life has been put on the back burner while she steers her design business through rough times. Wendy's marriage to slacker Shane crumbles as she shepherds her prime Oscar prospect to its silver-screen debut. Nico uses cutthroat tactics to rise from editor in chief to the head of the entire magazine publishing division of her company.

Bushnell delivers the glamour and glitz of being a Manhattan mover and shaker but with a strong feminist theme. Thankfully, none of her larger-than-life protagonists are forced to sacrifice love--either passionate or maternal--for their power, as they so often are in women's fiction. It's a triumphant tale of having it all. (Sep., 400 pp., $29.95)
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Tara Gelsomino