Katrina's recent nighttime escapades consist of her having sex under the sea. Her dream man, Ranek, is no mere fan-tasy. He is her soul mate as well as a Bandara, a descendent of the Atlanteans. Ranek needs to marry and figures who better than Katrina, a half-Bandara? But he must work swiftly to convince her of her heritage; she's due to marry another man in a week. Then danger arises in the form of Ranek's jealous brother. Will Ranek be able to convince Katrina of who she is in time to save both their lives?

A nice imaginative twist on the story of Atlantis, Liquid Dreams is told mostly in flashbacks. Ranek is a marvelous hero; it's a shame Katrina wasn't quite up to par. (dl $5.20)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley