Security Agents Fighting Extremism (SAFE) pegs the wrong man as the Chicago City Sniper, and agent Renata Fox isn't afraid to say so. Only director Mulhivill isn't pleased with his new employee's zeal, particularly because he may be hiding his own culpability in the matter. Investigating SAFE matters and Mulhivill's part in the death of his brother also interests Gabriel Connor. Gabe can't tell Renata exactly who he is, but he needs her help. Patricia Rosemoor's next Club Undercover series, On the List (1), is hindered by a heroine who makes illogical, bewildering choices. She's a lauded professional, yet she allows Gabe to interfere with her investigation, completely changing plans she set in motion. Plus, Renata's characterization is very uneven, as her interaction with Gabe transforms the smart, capable agent into a foolish woman who's a danger to herself.
Reviewed by: 
Kimberley Harvey