The death of her father leaves PI Sharon McCone feeing numb and shocked. When she goes through his affairs, she gets a bigger shockshe finds evidence that she was adopted. Sharon confronts her mother, who admits that she was adopted but has no other information.

Sharon sets out to uncover the truth about her background, using her professional skills and the small amount of clues her father left. Her search reveals that her mother is a Shoshone so she begins her investigation on the Rez.

As she interviews people, Sharon focuses not on what they say but what they dont say. As she comes closer to discovering the truth, her investigation brings to light forty-year-old secrets and a person who will kill to keep them buried.

Marcia Muller tells a powerful tale of a womans search for identity in LISTEN TO THE SILENCE. This suspenseful tale is an emotional spellbinder that saves its final surprises for the very last pages. (Jul., 304 pp., $23.95)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg