When she answers an advertisement for people to rebuild the town of Timbertown, Jane Love has high expectations for a respectable life and a good job. But her hopes are dashed when she meets T.C. Kilkenny.

T.C. has no qualms about his matchmaking ideas. A cattleman and a lumberjack, he is determined to build a town and what better way than to find wives for his men. T.C. thwarts Jane's plans to leave by asking her to nurse the dying Doc Foot, and it isn't long before she takes over his surgery.

T.C. delights in teasing this prickly pear of a girl though she considers him a "jackass," even if he is as handsome as sin. But someone in the town knows her secret shame and when she suffers a humiliation that is almost too much to bear, it is T.C. and her friends who come to her aid. And it is T.C., with his strength and love, who shows her she need not be ashamed.

In THE LISTENING SKY, Ms. Garlock, with her no nonsense prose, combines an emotionally intense novel with just the right amount of laughter and a good dose of love. SENSUAL (Apr., 358 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond