Image of A Little Bit Wild


Image of A Little Bit Wild

In her own inimitable style, Dahl has written a sharp and sassy romance, with a unique blend of an original, quick story and romantic characters. The delightful, fairy-tale ending is not unexpected, but certainly satisfying.

At nearly 21, Marissa York wants to experience one night of forbidden pleasure. She easily falls prey to Sir Peter White’s fine words. When she is discovered in a compromising situation her brother insists she marry, quickly. White’s arrogance gets him expelled from the house, but that leaves Marissa with no husband. Family friend Jude Bertrand volunteers to marry Marissa to salvage her reputation. While not classically handsome, he is a duke and has liked Marissa for years. Marissa is gratified by his offer, though her opinion of Jude is not high. Much to her surprise, Jude cares about her as a person and is far more romantic than she believed possible. His behavior completely changes Marissa’s mind about what a husband should be. (ZEBRA, Aug., 330 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin