Cynthia Myers lives a sheltered, unhappy life under her father's rule. He still believes that a woman is only as good as the marriage she enters into. When Cynthia breaks up with her fiance, Max, her father is upset. When she becomes friends with Max's new girlfriend and decides to attend their wedding, her father disowns her.

At the wedding, Cynthia meets Chris Dupree, Max's best friend. They are instantly attracted to each other, even though they have little in common. Cynthia is the daughter of a white, upscale Southern family, and Chris is the son of a middle-class white father and a Creole mother. Cynthia is uptight; Chris is a swinger. Cynthia lives in Georgia; Chris in Hawaii. Despite these differences, they find that they can't stay away from each other.

This is a fun, easy read that will keep the reader entertained. Cynthia's growth after getting out from under her father's thumb is well written. Chris, likewise, is an interesting character. Their attraction to each other and their growing relationship are exciting. The only flaw is that the obstacles the characters face aren't touched upon enough. Their relationship is almost too easy and would be more interesting with a few conflicts. (dl $4.99)
Reviewed by: 
Cindy Himler