Image of With a Little Help


Image of With a Little Help
WITH A LITTLE HELP (4) by Valerie Parv: When caterer Emma Jarrett is offered a job providing food for Nathan Hale’s birthday party, she’s reluctant to accept, having already made a fool of herself by kissing the surgeon at a Christmas party a few weeks earlier. But Nate, and her growing feelings for him, soon have her agreeing to the catering job. Their attraction proves impossible to resist, and it’s not long before the duo are contemplating a relationship. But Emma’s not sure she can overcome her reluctance to have a relationship with a doctor after having seen her own parents miss important personal events due to their dedication to medicine and their careers. Parv’s portrayal of Emma’s relationship concerns and Nate’s determination to find a wife who can handle his profession come across as realistic. Her description of Emma’s food and of an injury Nate sustains is also excellent.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay