Brit Melissa Romney– Jones is living in the wrong era. She excels in all of the domestic arts, but her special skills tend to go unnoticed and unappreciated in the corporate world she inhabits. When Melissa is unceremoniously sacked due to a merger, a scarcity of funds leads her accept a job as an escort (platonic, of course), and "Honey" is born.

Honey is Melissa in a blonde wig, with stockings, stilettos and an extra dose of confidence. Melissa quickly realizes that while she's not cut out to be an escort, she would make an excellent girlfriend for hire for the slew of clueless men that need advice on everything from their wardrobe to buying gifts for their mothers. Thus, Melissa (as Honey) decides to open The Little Lady Agency, which provides all the services of a girlfriend without the sex.

Soon, Honey and her services are in high demand. But things get complicated when a new American client wants Honey's services exclusively, and Melissa finds herself wanting the new client. The harder Melissa struggles to keep her world and family from colliding with Honey's, the more inevitable it becomes. Soon, because she's falling in love, Melissa must choose whose life she wants -- her own or Honey's.

This is a fabulous book. Melissa's adventures both as herself and as Honey are funny, romantic and relatable. She is such a loveable, sensitive, fallible character that the reader can't wait to see what marvelous thing she is going to do next. The supporting characters of her friends and family, from the yummy Jonathan to her scowling, unappreciative father, are all well developed and interesting in and of themselves.

With this book, Browne has given the reader not only a witty, romantic love story but also a character that the reader cannot wait to read more about. (Feb., 376 pp., $23.00)
Reviewed by: 
Stephanie Schneider