This sequel to The Little Lady Agency doesn't disappoint. Melissa Romney-Jones is now dating her Prince Charming and continuing to improve the lives of hapless European men -- as herself this time, not her bombshell alter ego, Honey Blennerhesket. Browne is as funny as ever, and this irreplaceable character belongs in the chick lit hall of fame.

Trying to respect her boyfriend's wishes, Melissa promises to put her alter ego on the shelf when it comes to work. As Honey Blennerhesket, Melissa is smooth, polished and in charge. This came in handy when she was playing the role of friendly escort for her male clients. Melissa still runs the Little Lady Agency, but her days as a pretend girlfriend are long gone.

When she needs a temporary place to live, her boyfriend, Jonathan, asks her to come to New York for a mini-holiday. She agrees, and in doing so, begins to see a whole new side of him. She also meets new people who could certainly use her -- and Honey's -- help. (Pocket, Feb., 368 pp., $23.00)
Reviewed by: 
Lauren Spielberg