Miss Isabella Winslowe is in a conundrum: Lady Gretchen Colebrooke has been found in Isabella's garden, standing over the body of Mr. Boswell Throckmorten.

Isabella meets Gretchen's brother, Daniel, Earl of Colebrooke, when he comes to his sister's aid, and the sparks fly. But when the body goes missing, Daniel accuses Isabella of mischief.

There's mischief of another kind when the "corpse" is spotted at a ball, very much alive. But later in the evening, Gretchen once more finds herself standing over what this time is most certainly a very dead Throckmorten. Determined to clear his sister, Daniel joins forces with Isabella to solve the murder—and finds love in the process.

Grey puts a beautiful, exasperating young woman and a handsome opinionated man together in an altogether charming, sensual read that offers simple delight. SENSUAL (Oct., 297 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond