After surviving a workplace massacre, Dr. Anne Locke desperately needs a place to heal and recover. Allegro, OK, her mother's hometown, seems like the ideal place. Anne has inherited a huge old Victorian home that once belonged to her Great Uncle Ralph Hansom. Unfortunately her cousin Joe Hansom firmly believes that he is entitled to the house and will do whatever he can to sabotage her plans to restore the dilapidated building.

Dallas Detective David Huerra is on a somewhat forced vacation. After blowing his last case, he needs the chance to reevaluate his life and career. On his way through Allegro, David is involved in a traffic accident. A witness to the accident, Anne treats David's injuries and takes him home for a few hours observation. Since Anne can't seem to hire anyone to work on restoring the house, David offers to help out.

During their work, Anne and David discover a sealed room which reveals an ancient skeleton complete with burial chamber goods. Ominously the room seems to vibrate with a loud growling noise, almost like an angered jaguar or panther. Where did these artifacts come from? Anne and David discover that during the '20s and '30s, Great Uncle Ralph used to plunder ancient burial grounds and sell off the artifacts. But why were these artifacts not sold, and why were they walled up?

The terrifying answer may lie in the curse attached to the magnificent warrior's remains. If any item is removed, the recipient of the item winds up horribly murdered. Somehow Anne and David must find a way to break the curse before anyone else is killed.

Fans of the supernatural are in for a very special treat. A LITTLE PEACE AND QUIET is a novel guaranteed to raise goose bumps and deliver sensational suspense. Author Modean Moon's best book yet! (Sept., 405 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith