Image of The Littlest Matchmaker


Image of The Littlest Matchmaker

THE LITTLEST MATCHMAKER (4.5) by Dorien Kelly: Bakery owner and single mom Lisa is having unsettling thoughts about her friend's brother. After a devastating marriage and her husband's death, Lisa's life revolves around her son and business, but Kevin makes her realize she's still a woman. He's loved Lisa for years, even during her marriage, and he blames himself for her husband's death, but that's not going to stop him from seeing that Lisa has a little time for herself. Friendly feelings soon morph into an attraction that won't be easy to control. Kevin is fabulous -- if he's not the perfect male, he's close -- and Kelly makes good use of attraction between the characters and Lisa's emotional wariness as they draw closer in this singularly intense romance.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper