Image of Live and Let Drood: A Secret Histories Novel


Image of Live and Let Drood: A Secret Histories Novel

The inventive plot of this novel takes a series of twists so unexpected that they have the potential to breathe life into what was in danger of becoming a played-out series. Most welcome of all is the humanization of Eddie, who must rely on more than his famous Drood armour to save the day, and is thus revealed as vulnerable and capable of mistakes. Fans should not be alarmed, though, since the usual pithy banter between Eddie and Molly, and Green’s outrageously creative magic, are still at the heart of this book.

Eddie Drood returns from a vacation to discover Drood Hall destroyed and the entire Drood family missing. As the last Drood, Eddie is honor-bound to discover what happened to his family and avenge this crime at all costs, but he has been left with little weaponry and no Drood armour when he sets off to confront Crow Lee, The Most Evil Man in the World. Forced to improvise — and to seek help — Eddie turns to the Regent of Shadows, who has his own reasons for acceding to Eddie’s request. (ROC, Jun., 368 pp., $25.95)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Carter