Cynthia Baxter decides she needs to LIVE A LITTLE! (4.5) and has her soon-to-be-ex-fianci handcuff her naked to the bed posts. When he is called out on an emergency and forgets her, shes left to signal help from her new neighbor, FBI Agent Jake Wheeler. Jake thinks this wild CPA is just the one he needs to spy on a drug smuggling ring operating as an import-export business. When they begin sharing their nights together, Jake realizes Cynthia is not the wild woman he originally thought, but she does have an utterly repressed thirst for danger and a knack for not doing what she is told. Put the gloves on for Nancy Warrens latest because it will definitely sizzle your fingertips with highly sensual scenes, wicked, larger-than-life characters and an intriguing premise.

Reviewed by: 
Shannon Short