Image of Live to Tell


Image of Live to Tell

Staub is a master of making the everyday somehow terrifying and giving a seemingly innocuous action life-altering implications. In her latest, she weaves an ominous plot together through several separate strands, stretching out the suspense until it all scarily comes together. Then Staub leaves the reader rather unsettled, as the ending is really the beginning of her next thriller. All one
can do is be patient until it arrives.

In an upscale, suburban New York town, the gossip mill runs more efficiently than the commuter train. They're talking about Lauren Walsh, saying nothing could be worse than being abandoned by your husband for another woman. But they're wrong. Lauren wants to protect her children from the pain of a messy divorce, but her husband, Nick, sets a sinister plot in motion after picking up the wrong stuffed animal for his daughter at the Grand Central lost-and-found just before leaving on a getaway with his new girlfriend. When Nick goes missing for no apparent reason, all of their lives are in danger. A furtive predator lurks in the shadows, watching and waiting, and he's not about to let any of them live to tell. (AVON, Feb., 400 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers