Image of Living on the Edge: An Edge Novel


Image of Living on the Edge: An Edge Novel

Rising star Butcher launches an exciting new series by revealing the first few pieces of a dangerous and compelling puzzle. As Butcher starts laying the groundwork, she introduces an intriguing cast of characters whose personal stories promise drama and adventure. The initial antagonism between the protagonists keeps the pace brisk and their encounters intriguing. By delivering a dynamic thriller that only peels back the first layer in a mystery, Butcher ensures that fans will be desperate to get their hands on the next installment. Terrific!

Estranged from her general father for years, Sloan Gideon is not about to let him dictate whether or not she can rescue her friend Gina from the Colombian drug lord who kidnapped her. Although Sloan works for Edge, a group of mercenaries, this rescue is a personal mission. Lucas Ramsay owes the general a lot, so even though his bum knee forced him out of the service, he agrees to stop Sloan from going to Colombia. Plan A fails miserably, so Lucas follows Sloan south, where she reluctantly agrees to let him help. Why did Lorenzo Soma grab Gina? Unfortunately those who know will not reveal the reasons any time soon. (SIGNET ECLIPSE, Mar., 368 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith