When Pearly Laurel's husband, Joey, dies suddenly, her first response is to hide from the world in their lake cabin. She never shared her husband's faith in God, nor developed her career in photography. With her husband gone, Pearly has reached THE LIVING END (4). She has one goal in mind—to fulfill the "While I Live, I Want to…" list that Joey carried in his pocket—then she will end her own life. Pearly begins a quest that has her whale-watching in Alaska, climbing pyramids in Peru, walking the Appalachian Trail and wintering alone on a mountain. The journey draws her closer to family she had kept distant, gains her surprising new friends and reveals to her the God she scorned all her life. The story dragged at first, but Lisa Samson's gift for stream-of-consciousness writing plumbs the depths of the human soul and the heights of God's love for man. Her quirky style and entertaining characters keep you turning the pages. (Oct., 320 pp., $12.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson