Image of Living Violet (Cambion Chronicles)


Image of Living Violet (Cambion Chronicles)

Reed’s first book, which begins her Cambion Chronicles, introduces us to another type of paranormal that walk among us: the incubus and succubus. She has written great characters who almost seem like normal kids working in a bookstore, yet they have dark, potentially deadly secrets.

Samara’s cute co-worker Caleb has a strange effect on women, they just throw themselves at him — but his kisses can be deadly. Her friend Nadine has to beat off the men as well. But Samara’s unaffected by Caleb’s allure, and therefore very attractive to him. (DAFINA, Jan., 311 pp., $9.95, PB, ISBN: 9780758269249, 14 & Up)
Reviewed by: 
Leslie Frohberg