Image of Local Knowledge


Image of Local Knowledge

The author's overuse of description and unnecessary background details make this novel more of a chore than an enjoyable read. The story doesn't take off until halfway through the book, and the climax doesn't have as much of an impact as the reader is led to expect.

Maddie Alden's a small-town girl who married her high school sweetheart, has three beautiful daughters and quickly climbs the real estate ladder once chance lands her on its first rung. But in reaching for a better life, Maddie is torn between the upper-crust world of her new friend Anne Zeller and her own humble beginnings.

Class isn't the only part of Maddie's past she is struggling to leave behind. Her husband, Paul, has been best friends with troublesome Luke Barnett since they were kids. The three of them share a decades-old secret, and though Maddie and Paul have built their upstanding lives as a screen around that secret, Luke's erratic behavior is a threatening wind that could blow their dark past wide open. (NAL ACCENT, Jan., 347 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Ella Wilson