Image of Lochs and Lasses


Image of Lochs and Lasses

Each story in this collection is a romantic and wild ride readers will love. The byplay between each couple will have you wishing the story would never end.

In “A Knight’s Duel,” former Camelot knight Sir Devon escorts Adele, the Saxon king’s niece, to her fiancé, the son of the Celtic king. When their party is attacked and Adele shows just how strong she can be, Devon begins to see her in a new light. Modern-day Cassidy’s examination of the antique “Sword of the Highlander” brings warrior Niall forward in time from the year 1040. Love blooms, but they’ll have to make a choice. In an effort to save her sister, Jillian convinces “Border Rogue” Aidan that she is her sister and allows him to kidnap her. As they travel north to Scotland to collect her ransom, the truth comes out and she is forced to choose between England and her newfound love. When a mysterious woman gives Brooke an all-expenses-paid vacation at a genuine Scottish castle she wakes up 692 years in the past and under the radar of vampire Ian MacKeefe, who’s hiding in King Robert’s court. Brooke is only there for a short time. Will these two lovers ever find each other again? (HIGHLAND, Apr., 202 pp., $9.95)
Reviewed by: 
Sabrina Cooper