Image of Logan's Outlaw (Men of Defiance)


Image of Logan's Outlaw (Men of Defiance)

Levine pens a story of love and danger amid the Wild West. Book four of her Men of Defiance series is full of raw, dramatic tension, bone-crushing action and realistic characters but the romance is mostly one-sided for most of the novel.

Sarah Hawkins is a pariah in white society after her return from captivity by Sioux Indians. She is eager to disappear somewhere where no one knows her and begin life anew, but first she must right an injustice. Her noble quest puts her in the middle of an Indian war. Trader Logan Taggert usually steers clear of damsels in distress but Sarah’s courage and fortitude capture his interest. He becomes her personal bodyguard despite the lady’s protests. Soon he is all that stands between Sarah and her enemies; it’s a price he is willing to pay for the woman who has captured his wild heart. (ZEBRA, Mar., 300 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Maria Ferrer