Image of Lois Lane Tells All


Image of Lois Lane Tells All

In Hawkins' return to Glory, N.C., we meet a lot of old pals and some new ones in this very readable romance. The town is quaint, the senior murder club cute and the storyline and our heroine the equal of Lois herself. The characters are a bit contrived, but they're still fun. Fans of the first book set in Glory will be pleased.

Susan Collins, intrepid reporter and editor of the local paper, is being driven crazy by her temporary boss, Mark Tremayne. He may look like an invitation to sin, but he's an uptight accountant, focused only on the bottom line and not the news. Susan doesn't need an out-of-town bean counter to tell her what to do -- even if he does look like a GQ model. Mark must get the paper into the black before he can return to his accounting firm, and the only promising story on the horizon is the Baptist Bake-off, which seems to have something "funny" going on this year.

When Susan runs an editorial about it, someone cuts her brake lines and cuts a hole in her boat. Of course, this being Glory, the assisted-living murder club gang is also investigating the story. Things are heating up, especially between Susan and Mark, who are generating enough sparks to start a fire. (POCKET STAR, Apr., 330 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan