The mission was a disaster from the get go and now hired government operative Max Zamora is fighting for his life. To escape from his torturers, Max was forced to kill the son of drug kingpin Andre Cosella, which means if he doesn't find a way off Paradise Island quickly, he's as good as dead. Stealing a yacht and sailing out of the Bahamas back towards Florida is Max's best option.

Former supermodel turned fashion designer Lola Carlyle is on vacation with her miniature pinscher, Baby Doll. Her former fiancé started up a website and is using personal naked photos of Lola to raise money.

Lola is both scared and furious when the yacht she is staying on is hijacked. By the time she manages to get her hands on a weapon, they're already well at sea. Lola's use of a flare gun only makes matters worse as she accidentally destroys the engine controls and navigation. Now Lola and Baby Doll are stuck on a becalmed yacht with a beaten-up, pissed off man.

In need of thrills, passion, excitement and laughter? Then LOLA CARYLE REVEALS ALL is just what the doctor ordered. It will certainly add to Ms. Gibson's reputation as a kick-ass storyteller! (Apr., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith