Image of Lola's Secret: A Novel


Image of Lola's Secret: A Novel

For those who enjoyed McInerney’s The Alphabet Sisters, and anyone who enjoys a heartwarming read, comes a sequel that will ignite curiosity with its quirky characters and intricate plot. Prepare for laughter and tears as the lives of these unforgettable characters, and the complexities of love, loss and family, are explored.

With more spirit than Betty White and a wardrobe as colorful as Lady Gaga’s, 84-year-old Lola Quinlan is up to her usual mischief. Encouraging her large extended family to go away for Christmas, Lola plans on enjoying some time alone at the family-run motel where she lives — or so she claims. Instead, a surprisingly tech-savvy Lola has posted an ad online that will bring in seven strangers, all with secrets of their own. To Lola, it seems as though this Christmas will be simple and relaxing, but nothing is ever as it seems. The time leading up to her family’s departure is full of laughter and tears, unwanted advice and welcomed generosity and emotional changes for everyone involved. (BALLANTINE, Oct., 352 pp, $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kaitlyn Kelly