A veteran Regency author spotlights another Pamberley sister as she makes her debut in society and discovers that home is where the heart is.

For years Miss Marianne Pamberley has dreamed about being the toast of the town. And now that her elder sister has married so well, her opportunity comes at last. So it is not surprising that she rebuffs the marriage proposal of the maddening man who was once their stableboy and now is a wealthy nabob after making his fortune in India.

Sir Jasper Vernham is not about to give up trying to win the woman he loves. Marianne could not possibly respond to his kisses without loving him, no matter what social ambitions she has. Perhaps a real Season in London will make the scales fall from her eyes and value a love that is true.

But as Marianne plunges into the frivolous world of the ton, he begins to fear that his heart will be trampled in the process.

Although the self-centered heroine finally recognizes her foolishness, it comes too late for most readers to care in this otherwise nicely flowing tale. (Mar., 255 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer