This third novel in the Legendary Warrior series opens slowly and takes the lovers on a romantic journey, circa 1875, through Wyoming's magnificent Big Horn Mountains.

The story opens slowly and has a paranormal touch that owes something to the vision quests of the Crow tribe, plus a bit more to the usual curse attached to gold buried in the West by the Spanish. Carolyn White, a child of 10, is rescued by Lone Arrow when she's guided by a little whirlwind into his adolescent vision quest. The two enter a treasure cave where Carolyn steals a golden cross, then later Lone Arrow delivers her to a white settlement.

Years later, Carolyn realizes that the frequent accidents and bad luck that plague her and her adopted family are because of the curse attached to the gold from the treasure cave. She seeks Lone Arrow's help in returning what she took, hoping this might end the curse.

The differences between their cultures gives way to the intensity of their growing passion, giving us good romantic reading. SENSUAL (Jul., 359 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger