Widowed rancher Carly Roberts is having enough trouble trying to run her Texas ranch without a mystical warlord from the future attempting to kill her. At first, she refuses to believe the strange tale that the handsome, if strangely dressed, stranger tells. But after he stops a fireball and rescues her livestock, Carly reconsiders.

Alrick of Rune is one of twin brothers destined for the throne of Rune, the fae realm beyond the human veil. Alrick's father, the king, has sent him on a dangerous and vital quest. According to their mage, Carly is the destined mother of the child that will save both the human and fae worlds in the future. The warlord is determined to prevent this and is breaking back through time and the veil to try to kill Carly.

Complicating Alrick's mission is the fact that any magic he uses in the human realm has consequences in the form of earthquakes or wild weather. The fate of the two worlds now lies with Carly and Alrick.

Time travel and fairy magic blend together seamlessly in Whiddon's new action-packed tale of romance and destiny. The fantasy is rich and the characters compelling, which add up to lots of reading pleasure! (Nov., 368 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith