Image of Lone Star Protector (Love Inspired Suspense)


Image of Lone Star Protector (Love Inspired Suspense)
LONE STAR PROTECTOR (4) by Lenora Worth: Captain Slade McNeal prevents the attempted abduction of K-9 trainer Kaitlin Mathers. Kaitlin’s attacker was the Ski Mask Man, whom Slade has been looking for for five months. He is believed to be linked to the boss of a local crime syndicate. There is something in the Lost Woods that the Boss is after and it requires a K-9 dog and trainer, but Slade needs to protect Kaitlin, as well as his family. Worth’s installment in the Texas K-9 Unit miniseries nicely ties up a lot of loose ends and finally reveals the identity of the Boss. The characters remind the reader that retribution is not for us to seek — but redemption is.
Reviewed by: 
Leslie McKee