Certain she's being stalked by a prominent politician, model Jessica Miller decides to go away for a while in hopes of defusing the situation. Rancher Clyde Fortune isn't enthusiastic about being her host, but Jessica is his sister's friend, so he agrees to let her stay for a month. Clyde expects a spoiled creature, but Jessica is down to earth. But since he's still hurting over a past relationship, he can't bring himself to offer her more than his body. Not that Jessica's asking, but after an impetuous coupling, there could be a child. Laurie Paige's Lone Star Rancher (2) is fast-paced, and Jessica is quite likable. But there's little chemistry between her and Clyde, who's described as gentle and kind but instead seems to be a throwback to the inscrutable, inconsistent heroes of old, which doesn't serve the story well.
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer