Image of The Lone Warrior


Image of The Lone Warrior

In this poignant story about the rise of a young woman who suffered injustice, Rossetti’s heroine is thoroughly captivating. You’ll want her to get everything in life that she wants and deserves. And for the paranormal romance lovers who are as serious about worldbuilding and imagination as they are about romance, The Lone Warrior will not disappoint.

Mehcredi was born to a powerful man, but her birth caused the death of her mother. She was tossed aside to raise herself. Suffering abuse at the hands of many, Mehcredi escapes and ends up working as an assassin for the Necromancer. Accidentally injuring an innocent puts her in the sights of Walker. He hunts her down with a vengeance and captures her.

Determined to make Mehcredi pay for her crimes, Walker learns that she’s not at all who he thought she was. His hate evolves into affection, desire — and eventually need. Together they set out to seek vengeance on the Necromancer. But life has other plans in store for them. (BERKLEY, May, 416 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton