In 2563, Solarian Lenora lands the Lone Wolf One spacecraft on Elner to purchase fuel. With her is her wolf, Wana. The Solarians have always been linked to their wolves, sharing telepathic links with the animals.

Wolf Warrior Kabe Folker, the first Solarian astronaut, has been missing for 10 years, having been taken prisoner by authorities. Lenora knew and loved Kabe for most of her life and vows to rescue him.

This continuation of the story of the Solarians, who were in Scotland in the 13th century, is entertaining and fun. Lenora is a strong heroine and Kabe a sexy hero. Their relationship is not only hot, it's also romantic. Excitement intensifies as they embark on their adventure and fight for their lives. (dl $5.25)
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor