Image of The Lone Wolfe


Image of The Lone Wolfe
THE LONE WOLFE (4.5) by Kate Hewitt: Regret, redemption, betrayal and abuse are major characters in Hewitt’s novel, right along with the damaged hero and his rescuer heroine. Hewitt also finally introduces Wolfe Manor as she lays this series to rest. Jacob Wolfe left Wolfe Manor one year after the death of his father. He returns 18 years later to fix the decrepit home and leave the ghosts to someone new. Molly Parker was a ghost herself, always near but never noticed, not even by her gardener father. Now he’s gone and she’s back to pack up what’s left, but instead of making a quick getaway, she agrees to restore the gardens once tended by her father. Suddenly the boy she loved is right in front of her as a man, but is he willing to let his demons go and give love a try?
Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt