The Bad Luck Brides brought joy and laughter; now the Good Luck Grooms are set to delight and make us sigh with pleasure as Dawson kicks off a spectacular new series. Pulling out all the stops, she infuses her action-adventure romance with three-dimensional characters--including all the McBrides--who jump off the pages of a story filled with surprising twists.

Hired gun "Lucky" Logan Grey believes he's more cursed than blessed by luck--and better off alone than wed. Caroline Kilpatrick needs his help to find her adoptive father and a legendary hidden treasure. She's desperate enough to hunt him down and reveal the secret that binds them together: She's his wife and the mother of his son. Logan thought the marriage was a fraud, but now that he knows differently, he can't refuse her plea for help. They face down outlaws and peril, but their greatest danger comes from the desire that simmers between them and Caroline's determination to win the love of a loner. (HQN, May, 380 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin