Image of The Loner


Image of The Loner
When U.S. Army Ranger Lucas "Huck" Finn is injured on a parachute training mission, he resigns rather than have a non-active service job. His commander arranges for him to join Ranger Security in Atlanta, where he's hired to protect Sapphira Stravos, an heiress who's received threatening letters. Upset over her brother's suicide four years before, her father won't allow her to work. But Sapphira has secretly founded her own multimillion-dollar charity organization, and having a full-time bodyguard reporting to her father is not in her plans. She's driven other guards away by acting like a spoiled brat, but Huck isn't going to leave her side. The Loner (4), by Rhonda Nelson, is a highly romantic story with two heartwarming characters and a surprise ending.
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Page Traynor