June Desire introduces the wonderful new talent of Eileen Wilks, who melts our hearts with her first book, THE LONER AND THE LADY (4.5). A former firefighter now living reclusively in the Davis Mountains stumbles across a beautiful but dazed young woman obviously in a whole lot of trouble- if only she could remember who and what she is. Ms. Wilks breathes vibrant new life into this well worn plot, creating a stirring love story of powerful intensity and exquisite perception.

Karen Leabo also puts a neat twist on a favorite storyline in THE PRODIGAL GROOM (4). A handsome lawman, who once paid a terrible price for putting duty over love, finally gets a second chance with the woman he loves when she needs help rebuilding her horse breeding operation. Ms. Leabo carefully crafts an engaging love story filled with deep emotion to make us sigh in delight.

Readers will drool over Cait London's wildly sexy new hero who charms our socks off in THE COWBOW AND THE CRADLE (4). The first of Ms. London's new Tallchief series, this scrumptious duel of hearts between the head of a Wyoming clan and the beautiful researcher whose child he rescues from a kidnapper is truly a reader treat. And no one will ever forget the splendid opening scene, which will surely become a classic in the genre.

Elizabeth Bevarly tugs at our heartstrings with FATHER OF THE BROOD (4). When a handsome architect reluctantly agrees to participate in a bachelor auction for charity, he little expects to fall in love with the lovely do-gooder who ends up accompanying him for a romantic weekend. Ms. Bevarly beautifully integrates a strong story, richly textured characters and a sizzling passion to make our hearts beat faster.

A ruthless lawyer hired to break the will of a wealthy old lady and cast doubt on the fitness of the heiress finds himself the girl's ACCIDENTAL BODYGUARD (3) when his two sons offer her refuge after she lands in the hospital. Ann Major skillfully choreographs a complicated plot brimming with her trademark fiery sensuality.

Joan Johnston continues her Texas saga with THE TEMPORARY GROOM (3). A handsome, widowed rancher is at his wits' end when his mother-in-law threatens to sue for custody of his twin daughters. But his impulsive decision to marry his neighbor's daughter may cause him even more trouble. Ms. Johnston always provides high quality entertainment for our reading pleasure.

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer