Image of Lonestar Secrets (Lonestar Series, Book 2)


Image of Lonestar Secrets (Lonestar Series, Book 2)

The realistic characters are easy to relate to; you'll really feel their pain and care about the outcome. A prevailing theme of the novel is that love is never wasted.

Shannon Astor is returning to her hometown, with her daughter Kylie, to be the town's new vet. A strange conversation and seeming disappearance of her best friend, Mary Beth, weighs on her mind. Then she encounters Jack MacGowan, a former classmate who betrayed her trust, and his daughter Faith -- who is the spitting image of Kylie! Kylie believes Faith is her sister and Shannon begins to question if Kylie's twin died at birth as she had been led to believe.

v Shannon is leery of Jack, but she needs his help regarding Kylie and Faith and in finding Mary Beth, who is being held for ransom. Could someone close to Jack be involved in both cases? (THOMAS NELSON, Aug., 320 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Leslie L. McKee