Iris Johansen proves that her vast talents are a perfect match for the mainstream suspense genre. LONG AFTER MIDNIGHT will draw readers in and keep them begging for more.

Research scientist Kate Denby loves her work at Gentech Corporation and her eight-year-old son Jason is a joy. Maverick scientist Noah Smith knows that she is on the verge of creating a nearly foolproof plasmic delivery system for medication. The fate of Noah's miracle drug RU2 lies in getting Kate's cooperation.

However, a competitive pharmaceuticals owner, Raymond Ogden, is not about to let Noah market RU2. If Noah won't sell the drug, then Noah and his team will have to be eliminated. Ogden hires Jonathan Ishmaru, a psychopathic hit man, to eliminate everyone connected to the drug, including Kate.

After barely surviving an office bombing, Noah calls for reinforcements from his old military buddy, Seth Draken, a highly skilled mercenary. Now Seth must find a way to keep Noah, Kate, Jason and Kate's mother-in-law, Phyliss, alive.

Ishmaru now sees eliminating Noah and Kate as an entertaining game. It's a race against time to perfect RU2 and get it into FDA trials before this madman destroys them all.

(Dec., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M Smith