Marylyle Rogers whisks readers away to the Fairie Realm and ancient Ireland once again in a lyrical tale brimming with excitement and magic.

Hildie O'Connor is now a grown lass and must decide upon a mate. Although her father, Rory O'Connor (from Happily Ever After) would prefer she choose a husband for political reasons, he is willing to await her choice. However trouble is brewing and Rory is left with little choice but to choose his enemy's nephew as Hildie's husband.

Hildie is secretly in love with Kieron, who was chosen as her protector by the King of the Fairie Realm. As the descendent of the king's sister, Hildie is the king's mortal niece.

By Kieron's sworn vow, Hildie is forbidden to him. Try as he may, he cannot banish her from his thoughts or his heart. When Hildie is kidnapped, Kieron comes to her aid more than once. And when it becomes evident that Hildie is the key to saving both worlds from the Dragons of Chaos, Kieron is there for her as they discover their destiny.

Ms. Rogers weaves her tale with a skillful hand, creating a vivid tapestry. Her multi-dimensional characters draw the reader deeply into their world. However, LONG AGO AND FAR AWAY has less conflict and too simple a resolution in comparison to Ms. Roger's other fantasy romances. (Oct., 298 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabelle Cox