Years ago Honoria Prynes ship was captured by Barbary pirates including the notorious Diego Moresco. Honoria agreed to be his, if he saved her fiancis life.

Then Diegos home is attacked and Honoria escapes. But her fianci will no longer marry her. Betrayed by both men, she remains aloof until they reenter her life.

James Malbury, aka Diego, returned to his English father with a burning desire to right the horrible wrong he did Honoria. He needs the tall English redhead to translate a letter, but then he begins to desire the passionate woman. Now he will stop at nothing to make her his wife.

Told partly through sizzling flashbacks and heated present-day encounters, ON A LONG AGO NIGHT is a witty, sexually charged story guaranteed to keep readers riveted. The sensuality that simmers just below the surface threatens to explode at any moment while Honoria and James are caught in a dangerous intrigue as James past collides with his dreams for the future.

With skill and a talent for telling a tale that sparkles with wry wit and non-stop repartie, Susan Sizemore enraptures readers, securing her rightful pace among the writers who will soon rise to the top of the genre. SENSUAL (May., 334 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin