Hill's latest skillfully tells the story of Kelly Maxwell, track's reigning queen, who has scores of product endorsements and personal appearances in her future and has to deal with a dark and ugly past that's causing her tremendous pain. After a horrible injury, Kelly is whisked to New York from her home in Atlanta by her wannabe-lover coach, David, whose knowledge of her secrets allows him to keep a stifling grip on her.

In comes physician Alex Hutchinson, who instantly falls for Kelly. He willingly gives up his role as physician to her physically while he ministers to her spirit, her self-esteem, her learning disability and her eating disorder, teaching her to rely on herself, improve herself and give in to love. Alex, meanwhile, is not without his own personal issues, and his relationship with Kelly allows him the healing that he needs in his life. But when the death of a teammate brings David's misdeeds to light, he desperately tries to hold on to his meal ticket in Kelly.

Hill is a gifted storyteller whose strong character development, smooth delivery style and perfectly paced storyline delivers a product that will please her longtime readers as well as any new ones. (Jun., 305 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims