Manhattan is a diverse city, and P.I. Rachel Alexanders latest case takes her into one of its more curious communitiesthe transsexual prostitutes who are on the stroll near the meat market district in the West Village.

One of their number, Rosalinda, has recently been murdered, soknowing that the police might not make their very best effort to find the killerworking girls Chi Chi, Jasmine, and LaDonna come to Rachel (whos almost always accompanied by her pit bull, Dashiell) for help.

Whether shes rapidly training Clint, Chi Chis Dachshund (named for his soulful eyes) to break and enter, playing the dumb tourist, or working undercover in a fuschia catsuit and boa, Rachel is always an absolute joy to spend time with! Add to that a taut, suspenseful mystery and vibrant (sometimes outrageous!) characters, and reader enjoyment is ensured. Benjamin, who is a well-known dog trainer as well as a former private investigator, really knows her stuff. (Oct., 248 pp., $23.95)

Reviewed by: 
Laurie Davie