Image of Long, Hot Texas Summer


Image of Long, Hot Texas Summer

Brown has the touch for one-liners and characters as familiar as an old pair of slippers, but for a story that has true conflict — not one solvable with one conversation — and realistic dialogue, readers will have to look elsewhere.

Nearly 20 years after leaving her husband and Lonesome Canyon Ranch, Loretta is back to convince their daughter to finish college. The real problem is her ex, Jackson Bailey, a still-sexy cowboy, and their wagon-load of unfinished business. As they work together on the ranch, they can’t ignore the desire that flares between them. Having a second chance at love isn’t what they expected, and it nearly doesn’t happen when the woman who came between them before tries to break them apart again. (MONTLAKE, Sep., 248 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
M.H. Morrison