When her half-brother Jeremy loses the family plantation to Daniel Layton in a card game, Arabella Montgomery is determined to get it back. Her determination wavers a bit when she discovers that her ex-fianci Tony Daggett now holds the marker. Tony is dangerous, arrogant and has a scandalous reputation.

Though they havent seen one another in five years, Tony finds Arabella just as beautiful and desirable as ever. He offers her a trade to become his mistress in return for the gambling debts.

Arabella reluctantly agrees, for Tony still has the ability to bring out desire in her for the passion they once shared. But they must forget the past and put aside their turbulent relationship to concentrate on finding the unknown foe who schemes for their demise.

This passionate love story boasts marvelously crafted characters (including some from earlier books), just enough political intrigue and the history of Natchez in the late 1700s. Vintage Shirlee Busbeea holiday gift for her longtime fans. SENSUAL (Dec., 442 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond