Restaurateur Kendall Lucas is stunned by her instant attraction to her new neighbor, Spencer Barnes. Spencer is quick to let her know that the attraction is mutual. As she and Spencer begin to date, Kendalls attention is divided between their budding romance and problems at one of her restaurants. It seems her help and her customers are being wooed away by a new competitor. Though shes committed to her relationship with Spencer, business, personal and family problems are beginning to take their toll on the relationship.

Spencer is torn between his love for Kendall and his need to confess a secret hes been hiding. He realizes his silence has made their relationship vulnerable and could destroy any future they may have. Despite the consequences, Spencer decides to tell her the truth, trusting that love truly does have the power to heal, comfort and forgive.

AT LONG LAST LOVE is a candid, intimate look at love in the real world, with real problems and real peopleall of whom have hope that they will grab lifes brass ringtrue love. With this wonderful debut novel, Bettye Griffin has certainly moved within reach of her own literary brass ring. (Jan., 282 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson