Image of Long Live the King (Habits of the House)


Image of Long Live the King (Habits of the House)

Weldon knows the intricate workings of an upper-class British household, and her vibrant, colorful details and realistic characterization bring the Edwardian era to life in this second novel of the Love and Inheritance trilogy. Weldon’s style adds a “you are there” dimension to her books that perfectly merges with her witty dialogue and keen insight into the world of the wealthy.

All of England waits for the coronation of Edward VII. With their fortune secured by their son’s marriage to American heiress Minnie, Lord and Lady Dilberne are preparing for a marvelous celebration. They also have to deal with their orphaned niece, Adela. Lady Isobel and Minnie believe they should take Adela under their wing while Lord Robert and Arthur do not. Adela takes matters into her own hands and joins a troupe of traveling spiritualists. Arthur and Minnie go after her — a journey that leads the newlyweds into the strange world of spirits and charlatans. Surprisingly, it is Adela’s run-in with the future king that saves the day. (ST. MARTIN’S, May, 350 pp., $25.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin