When Brad Denning was a teenager, he didn't want his 9-year-old brother Petey hanging around with him, so he told him to go home. Petey pedaled off on his bike, never to be seen again. Though Brad's now a successful architect, the disappearance has haunted him throughout his life.

A miracle happens when a man claiming to be Petey appears. At first, Brad is doubtful but Petey knows too much about the past to be an impostor. Brad, his wife, Kate, and son, Jason welcome him into their home.

Petey settles in and even accompanies Brad and his son on a camping trip—where everything goes horribly wrong. Petey attacks Brad and disappears with Jason. When Brad goes home, he finds Kate gone as well.

The police and FBI both feel that Petey was an impostor and hold out little hope. To find his family, Brad must put himself into the mind of the man called Petey.

LONG LOST takes off at lightning speed and never stops. This is a tense, gripping book, holding the reader in suspense from first page to last. (May, 310 pp., $25.95)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg